FO and WIP felted/fuzzy checkered bag and cabled clutch

Well, I finished another felted bag for my sister (this one took about a week and a half because school slowed me down). I was a little worried that there was too much fun fur on it. I didnt think that you could see the squares, but my friend loved it and disagreed… what do you think?
I would have posted it sooner but I lost my camera… but dont worry, I found it today. During the time that it was hiding in my desk I started another bag, it is roughly based on the “cleo felted cable clutch”
But the pattern was too small and I wanted my sister to have a big bag that she could use (she has a lot of papers to carry around and i wanted something that could hold them)I also changed the cable to something mor celtic looking (she loves celtic designs) But i am so proud, I have never had an opportunity to cable this much and I am really enjoying it. I took some close-up pictures of the cable. I think i want to make a sweater with it some day.
Has anyone made a cleo felted cable clutch? do i have to do anything different when felting cables?

Great work, you must REALLY love to cable stitch!

What a lucky sister you have :thumbsup:

I have seven sisters :wall:

I have a HUGE christmas list this year that includes four more bags, three sweaters, three stuffed animals, and a hat.

But can you believe that when christmas comes around I would be crazy enough to probably just ask santa for yarn? (and I will probably need bengay for my carpell tunnel by then too :poke:)

Oooh, I love the cable squares so crisp and neat. The colors are nice and vibrant also.

That’s beautiful, I LOVE the bag! I don’t think you used too much fun fur, I can see the squares clearly and I think it’s a lovely effect. Great colours, too.

The bag is perfect! I love the fun fur. And those cables!! Wow! It’s a beautiful pattern, and would make a great sweater someday.

They look wonderful… your sisters are very lucky!! :happydance:

You are one neat knitter well done xx

Very nice, your cable stitch looks so clean

That cable pattern is beautiful! And so neat and even. I’m very impressed! :notworthy:

I’m in love with felted cables, but they’re far, far away on my “to be knit” list…You’ll have to post a picture of the completed bag.

The fun fur bag looks great! I love the blue!

What color is the yarn for the cable bag? One pic looked mauve (KH sidebar colors) and the other looked orange on my monitor… The cables look fantastic though. I got a little dizzy just looking at them.

7 sisters, wow. That is a big family. :mrgreen:

Beautiful cables! :yay:Great colors too!:thumbsup:

Whoa !!! Seven sisters??? :passedout: Sometimes my single sister is too much for me to handle-- :teehee:

The cable knit bag is lionswool “Rose”… it’s pink. When i zoomed in on the cable, the camera magically transformed the bag in the picture form pink to orange, I would never make anything orange for THAT particular sister.

Whew. YOU are good !!!

Both look great! Do you need another sister? :slight_smile:

Seven sisters? Want to adopt an eighth? I’ve been eyeing the cleo felted cable clutch for a while and I love your rendition of it! Both the bag and the bag-to-be are great!