FO and Sold! Greyhound Sweater

I’m on a roll!!! Just sold a greyhound sweater I’d made but not posted to Ebay for a while. I posted it and it’s sold! Now I just have to pop it in the mail. That’s my 5th sweater sold for this year. Not bad!!!

It’s beautiful–I love the colors and the way they’re assembled together.

Love the sweater and the dog! If i didn’t live in NYC, I would totally get a greyhound!

Actually, we got our grey when we lived in the city. They are perfect city dogs. They sleep all day long, just need a doggie walker during the midday for a walk (which in the city is easy to find!). And, the best thing is, most DON’T bark. My dog only barks every other week, when the cleaning people come with their vacuum. That scares her. Other than that, she’s only barked I’d say 10 times in 6 years! A lot of city people have greys and tons of them. Our friends in the city have 6 hounds.

That’s gorgeous! Congrats on the sales!

awww that looks great!! my roomates have a doberman and his face reminds me of your dog’s face.

:happydance: Congrats!! It looks great

Pretty fancy doggie coat. It looks like it has a lot of coverage for warmth. Congratulations!

I love Greyhounds!!! The sweater is adorable. Good job on selling!:happydance:

Hoorah for you Maddison. I like the colors you used, I get a feeling of middle eastern spiciness and warmth. Your greyhound looks precious modeling.

Great job!!

Looks very nice! Congratulations on the sale. :happydance:

Great colors!