FO and one in progress

I finished this awhile ago but I just now posted some photos.

Anniversary Sweater from Knitty

This little sweater just needs a button band. I’m pretty pleased with how my first attempt at fair isle turned out (although I admit it was a pretty simple pattern). As it happens, I’m not a big fan of doing button bands. But finishing this is part of my New Year’s resolutions, so finish it I will!

Toddler Sweater from FCEK

The toddler sweater is very cute. I haven’t done fair isle or intarsia yet. I could not see the anniverary sweater but I’m sure it’s cute too!!

Thanks Mary! I’m not sure why you couldn’t see the Anniversary Sweater, but here’s the original pattern:

Very pretty! :inlove:

You are very talented, my fellow knitter!

Ahhhh…! Thank you Nathalie. :aww:

Marvelous job, Marriah. :yay: The Anniversary Sweater is very nice it looks rather quietly simple, yet it still grabs the eye. The fair isle sweater is also pretty, the colors work well together on my monitor. What charity are you making it for?

Thanks Katrina! I actually haven’t decided yet where to donate the sweater. I am thinking about Afghans for Afghans though.

Both sweaters are gorgeous. I know what I’ll be knitting MY husband for our next anniversary! :smiley:

Thank you!

One suggestion I’d make if you do knit the Anniversary sweater–make the sleeves narrower at the cuffs. They flared out a bit for me, and I didn’t like that too much. Other than that, it’s a great pattern.

Terrific job on both!!