FO: and a scarf for the girls' mother

I do this toooo often…I get myself totally bent on scarves! I’ve got two sweaters 95% done…just waiting on seaming or blocking & seaming…and what do I do??? Knit scarf after scarf! :teehee:

This yarn looks like stainless steel, but in actuality it’s as soft as cashmere! It’s for my daughter, Lauralee! (Fiona and Laila’s mom)

Here are my Ravelry notes.

Ooo that is really pretty! :inlove:

Gorgeous! It looks like liquid metal.

Simply stunning!! :inlove:

Cool scarf. It does look metallic. Amazing that it can look like that and be soft too.

Oh, what a beautiful scarf! Just wow.

Wow, how neat and unusual yarn too!

Wow! So pretty!

What a lovely and unusual scarf, ArtLady. I bet when its worn, people will have a hard time keeping their hands off it.