FO: and a blanket for her sister, too

I couldn’t knit a TV blanket for one sister and not the other!
So here is Fiona’s TV blanket!

The girls came to stay a week with us in late December! They’ve gone home now, hauling their new blankets with them! We watched lots and lots of movies during this rainy, cold wintertime weather! Sometimes all day, and sometimes almost all night! The girls love to curl up on our hide-a-bed in front of the big TV and watch movies!

Fiona’s blanket is log cabin style.Here are my notes at Ravelry.

Good job, Grandma! It’s beautiful! :thumbsup:

oh wow! I hope to knit something so beautiful one day!

Gorgeous, as always!:woot:

Beautiful. Goodies for grandkids are the best.

I love that log cabin design. The yarn has a sheen. Is this variegated or self striping? What brand yarn did you use? Great job!

The colors are luscious up close and from a distance. Beautiful work per usual!

It looks super cozy and soft! And the colours are yummy! I am sure your family is happy with all your thoughtful gifts.

Yes, it’s self-striping. It’s called “Poems” by Wisdom. 100% wool, single ply. Soft, but not merino soft. It will pill, too, as most single ply yarns do.

I bought the yarn from an LYS close-out sale, so I bought her entire stock on hand in 3 colors, 10 skeins each. My girlfriend bought all the skeins on the other color. Sadly, the LYS was going out of business after being open less than a year. This little one-horse town we were visiting for the day had no other shops or stores that sold yarn, not even a Walmart or Target.

Gorgeous as always! The colorway is really magnificent I think.

What a fabulous blanket! I’m sure your grand daughter will treasure this forever. I bet she’s wavering between wanting to wear it out from use and at the same time, not wanting to mess it up! Beautiful things have that effect on us (or at least me)!