FO - Anastasia socks

Just finished these yesterday. They’re for a co-worker as a misery-loves-company-cheer-up-I’m-behind-you kind of thing.
Very fun to do, as the pattern for each sock is a “mirror” to the other. This could definitely help with my second sock syndrome. (it’s a pdf. pattern file)
Done as a toe-up patten, I think this could be a good “first” sock pattern - depending on which foot you do first, you’ll be doing yarn-overs with knit 2 together [B]or[/B] slip-slip-knit. The laciness actually travels (spirals) around the leg. Which could help in learning to “read” your knitting; cause you [U]will[/U] have it down by the time you reach the leg. :slight_smile:
Yarn: Koigu PPM - 2 skeins (green/brown/beige - think camo)
Needle: 2 US size 1 1/2 16-inch circulars (KnitPicks Harmony)

Your co-worker will love them, what a great gift…they look wonderful! :yay:

That’s a nice thing for you to do! They look great!


They’re gorgeous!

Very cute!!!

[SIZE=4][COLOR=sienna]It seems a shame that they won’t be worn at eye level.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][COLOR=sienna]Maybe your friend could learn to walk on her hands.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

They look great and are such a nice gift.

I like these. they are such a nice rustic colour.

Wonderful work Phaedra! Just wonderful!!!
I love these socks!!

Cool socks!