Fo: anastasia and tommy wedding lapghan

This is a wedding present for my best friend Anastasia and her hubby, Tommy. They are coming to visit us tomorrow, since they came from Italy (where they live) to visit the family and friends. They got married in Prague, but we couldn’t attend it at the time, since we had another trip planned and couldn’t afford two of them.
When Anastasia heard i got back into knitting big time, she said she wants a knitted present, so i tried to make something for both of them.

I’ve combined this pattern with twin tree pattern from the Tree of Life Afghan. The tree panel is the middle one. I also added the couple’s names first letters next to the trees.
I used to think that cabling without cable needle is overrated, when it didn’t work with a certain pattern and yarn. I changed my mind now - it’s great with these particular patterns and yarn, i knit much faster.
[B] The edge:[/B] I wanted to keep it simple, so i knitted 3 rows in garter st.I also considered fringe, but decided against.
[B] Mods[/B]:

  1. 5-1 dec: instead of knitting the remaining stitch, i purled it and it gave a much more round finish to the loop.
  2. m1 k1 m1: instead i did k1, ktbl, k1 in the same stitch, which turned out really good and saved me a few holes.
  3. (k1 m1) 3 times: instead i made k1 m1R, k1 m1L, k1 m1R, it also saved me a few holes and you can’t really notice the difference in direction of the increase.
    [B] The yarn[/B]: Taiga Yarns Melody, a bulky 50% wool/50% acrylic blend I bought in Moscow two months ago. I found it to be a lovely wool/acrylic blend, pretty soft, even more after the Unicorn Fibre Wash. A bit splitty, but nothing to worry about. It definitely gives a great stitch definition.


[/U]Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Very, very lovely!!! :inlove:
Thanks for the notes on your project. They might come in handy sometime.
I still haven’t taken the plunge and learned how to cable w/o a cable needle, but you are one of many that I’ve heard say good things about it.
Anyway, great job! They will most certainly love it!

:thud:BEAUTIFUL,they will love it.What a lucky couple:cheering: KnittingNat you do amazing work

That is gorgeous!!:inlove:

That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL~ they will treasure it always!!

Wow! :heart:

:yay: :yay: Very Very pretty and what a great wedding gift! You did a super job on it!!! :thumbsup:

That is so impressive! Gorgeous, what a thoughtful gift, they will love it for sure.

:yay: Love the color and detail

Bravo! It is gorgeous.:cheering:

WOW!! just WOW!! They are sooo going to love that!! You made such a beautiful heirloom!!

What a lovely work of art. I am sure your friend will always treasure it.

Stunning! :cheering:

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments :hug: I really enjoyed this project, the yarn and the patterns were great. Once i figured out the different cables and remembered them, it wasn’t too hard.

I also left the same notes on Ravelry project page, so anyone looking for the Celtic Knot Afghan will see them. Too bad that I can’t link both patterns to the project.
What I forgot to mention is that both patterns are by Nicky Epstein. They are not charted, so if someone is used to charts, it will be a bit hard at first.

Hope you like it

Are you kidding? It’s beautiful!!! And what a gift of love, because any knitter knows how long it took you to make it.

Wow, this is gorgeous! You’re right, cabling without a cable needle
makes these kind of cables go so much faster. I got the tree of life
afghan pattern from lionbrand and now after seeing your afghan I’m
sure tempted to dig it out…:slight_smile:


:passedout: :passedout: :passedout:
WOW, you did an amaging job. That is a real treasure!!!

What a wonderful wedding gift! It is absolutely stunning. I’m sure they will treasure it.

What a fabulous gift!! Your friend will absolutely love and treasure it! You did a great job on all the cabling. Love it!

WOW! You did a beautiful job… that is just breathtaking!