FO Amanda Hat

Here’s my Amanda Hat in colorway Velvet Grapes:

Here’s my trusty knitting companion, Lacey, enjoying the warmth of Malabrigo - she LOVES my/her/our new hat…she just purrs and looks content in it!!!

Looks great! And Lacey just might let you wear it sometime~:teehee: Really a gorgeous cat!

nice looking beanie :slight_smile:

That’s nice!

I love your hat! Where did you get the pattern?


Very pretty!!

Here’s the pattern:

It’s a simple lace pattern and a fun knit. Treat yourself to some Malabrigo for a fantastic knitting experience!

I did mine for Ravelry’s March Malabrigo Madness (a fun knit along and contest) and really love it.

My next project is the Capitan Hat:


aww Lacey looks very cozy in the hat…Great job and love the color :woohoo:

It looks great!

Beautiful!!! Looks so warm and cozy!

Lovely hat in a gorgeous colour…It really suits Lacey x

Thanks everyone!

I told Lacey about all the kind praise she received and she seems to have now decided to be utterly impossible when I am knitting. She comes running when she hears needles (even wood ones!), purrs immediately, jumps on my lap/in my bag, on the yarn, on any pattern or accessories I have out…sigh. Good thing I love her. Even the other cats (who like yarn and knitting too but not THAT much) look at her like she is from another planet. :tap:

Beautiful hat!

Cute photo of the cat in the hat! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m very impressed that she allowed it to stay on her head and didn’t turn the hat into a wresting partner.:roflhard:

The trick is to strike when the cats are sleepy…if I toss it on with the camera ready, I have a 1/1000 chance of getting a cute photo.

Otherwise, it’s ‘hey-let’s-shred-this-thing-that-Mommy-made-despite-our-best-attempts-to-intervene’ and it’s NOT pretty! :teehee:

Cute hat!