FO: 'alternative' baby cardigan

Well i finally got the ends woven in and it washed and blocked. I still havn’t found buttons for it yet.

from the back:

and from the front:

I used the Daisy pattern from and Lion Brand Jiffy (just less than 1 skein of red and about 1/2 skein of white). As the yarn is a bit chunkier than recomended i cast on less stitches (just 86 if i remember correctly) and had to modify the decreases and shaping appropriately.

I also added the skull and cross bones on the reverse for a bit of added interest (maybe not to everybodies taste for a bay, but know the parents it will go down well). It was my first time doing colourwork so is a little bit messy but not to bad. I managed not to get any puckering, i just have to carry my floats a little better.

Oh! and thank you to Oneyarn. Not only was the yarn part of a lovely package i recieved from her in a yarnswap but she also sent me the skull chart and i don’t think i would have actually plucked up the nerve to do colourwork or a baby cardigan if she and her package hadn’t given me the push!

It turned out so cute.

Soo cute and different!

Fantastic! I love it!:yay:

That came out really nice!

It is very cute. You should knit a little parrot for the baby’s shoulder. :teehee:

:happydance: it looks great!