FO: Allegra Jacket

[B]Free Pattern![/B] The Allegra Jacket! One piece, cuff to cuff!
[B]My yarn: [/B] Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3 ply
[B]Colorway: [/B]Earth

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become this:

Blocking the Body


your talent always astounds me…great work :cheering:

This little jacket was so easy! Great for a newbie knitter, too!

I added length by making wider hemline bands. Also made longer sleeves by “not shortening” them as I would usually do! What fits the model as mid-forearm or 3/4 length…fits me as a full length sleeve! :teehee:

So pretty !!!

I’ll bet I could do one of these…my sweater skills are terrible. The blocking looks like a snap, too! Looks like the only seaming is the front band??? Very nice and love the yarn choice!

As always, beautiful work and I absolutely love the colors1

Hey Mary! :waving:

After you fold the whole thing in half widthwise, you begin the side seam at the bottom edge, up to the armpit, turn the corner and seam down the sleeve to the cuff.

The bands are “picked up” on the raw edge, beginning at the bottom edge of the Right Front, RS facing, up to the neck, across the back of the neck, and down the Left Side.

To pick up the right amount of stitches for this one, I put a little yarn marker every two inches on the Right Side (bottom to the neck)…and also for the Left Side (side of the neck down to the bottom)…and every 2 inches across the back of the neck.

Then I made sure that each 2" section had the same amount of stitches picked up. Worked fine! Normally, a pattern tells you exactly how many to pick up, but I had made mine longer, so that number was out the window. I used one size smaller needle to work the bands, and picked up basically 1 for 1.
I wasn’t sure if it would ripple, but it didn’t! Yay!

Below is the raw cardigan, just folded over widthwise. In this photo, I have temporarily “clipped” the side & sleeve seams together using baby clippies. (for a try on) I’m inserting this photo in a large size than the Mods like, but I want you to see it up close. Hope I don’t get into trouble!

Notice where the pins are place along the raw edge of the fronts? That is the line where the bands were later picked up and knit for 2" (seed stitch).

Yes, you could definitely knit this little cardigan! I really love it!
Sometimes simpler is better! :thumbsup:

Well it turned out wonderful!! Love the color variation! It looks so simple! Definitely in my “faves!” :slight_smile:

Gorgeous!! I love that yarn!

I’m with ya Mary! That is one I might be able to handle! Thanks for all the info Artlady. Another stunner and perfect choice of yarn :heart:

Yes, I do believe this is the perfect little jacket for any new knitter! And it can be knit in wool or cotton dk wt yarn! I’m thinking about knitting another one in a solid color! No alternating every other row because of the hand-painted yarn variations! Oy vey! :wall: That was the only ‘beast’ that I tackled for this one. With a knot in the pit of my stomach:pout: that I might have bitten off more than I can chew. I was so afraid that when it was all done, a sleeve would be a different ‘color’, or the left front would be a different ‘color’ than the right front…and I would have wasted time and money on the whole thing! The yarn wasn’t cheap.

Beautiful work! I love your choice of color as well!

The colorway is called [COLOR=DarkRed][I][B]Earth![/B][/I][/COLOR] Love it!

Damn, girl!

:aww: AW SHUCKS… :heart:

I haven’t been to KH for a few weeks, so came looking to see what ‘magic’ you’ve worked up lately. WOW!!! Love that sweater. Also like Water Lily (sic?) a lot.

Love, love, love this!!! Beautiful choice of yarn, amazing knitting and great pattern. Wow.

Artlady! You’ve done it again!! I actually caught my breath when I saw this one. Love it to bits!