FO: all kinds of hats

It’s a fact of life – most hats look ridiculous on me and I don’t take it personally anymore. For some reason hats with oversized brims, cowls worn like hats, and very crooked berets make more sense than anything normal people wear.

So, this first one is mine and it is a negative image of my husband’s hat.

This is the first beret attempt – turned out bigger than planned and it goes to charity. I am sure there are people with size L heads.

This set is a Christmas gift for my friend. The cowl can double for ‘my ears are cold’ hat.

And yes, it’s first snow.

Those are some lovely hats, Olha!!

I make a crocheted hat that I bet would look great on you. I say this because I’ve made this hat for tons of people, and it looks cute on EVERYONE. When I wear mine, my husband calls me his “little bambuski” because it has a Russian look to it.

Anywhoo, it appears you have your headgear all ready to go, so you don’t need my help! You are so talented, and I’m happy to see you making some items for yourself every now and then. I was afraid that the kids would get it all! :wink:

I’m deep into bunny ears in my hat menagerie quest!


Please share the pattern for a crochet hat! I do very basic crochet but have two hats for my kids to prove it :slight_smile:

I am still puzzled how the word ‘babushka’ (which means grandma) became a name for headgear :slight_smile: It is obvious, that Eastern European grandmas are wearing the types of triangular headscarves tied under the chin but now I see it in other contexts too, such as a name for Russian nesting dolls or any kind of ‘Russian’ hat :slight_smile:

I was wondering about your lion hat. I saw a crocheted one with the face on top and the lower jaw formed from the tied flaps but wasn’t sure if you are still working on it. How are the ears going?

Those are beautiful, especially the stranded one! :inlove: I don’t look good in hats either and don’t like crochet so I’ll stick to a hood or scarf over my head. :wink:

I had forgotten where I found the pattern for the hat I mentioned, but then I remembered it was on that stupid Lion Brand site.

Here’s the link:

The kind of yarn they recommend is an imitation chenille, which is discontinued now, but you can use any type of bulky weight yarn as long as your gauge is right, of course.

If you decide to make this hat and get stuck, let me know–I have this pattern down from making so many oodles of them.

Oops! I forgot to update you on the lion hat. I’m still planning to make it, and I’ve been doodling around (is that what you call it when you start and stop and start and stop a project–'cause it’s not really “swatching”?) with different ideas for how to get the “jaws” to look right. I think I’ve figured out that I can put increases on both sides near the ears to make it “bend” down somewhat, but not too much.

I started out using the gold lion color without any ribbing, but I think I need to undo that and do about two rows of white ribbing for teeth–and to keep the stockinette stitch from rolling (of course). After I’m done, I think I will go back and add pointy crocheted teeth to this ribbing!

If you have a link for the crocheted hat, please post it (but don’t look it up again if you don’t already have it–you have other, more important things to do). I’m looking at all the lion (and shark) hats I can find to get ideas.

The bunny ears are coming along nicely. I just got some more yarn this morning, so perhaps I can finish them up this week. Thanks for asking!

The hats and headband are a perfect combination of colors and great technique. It’s always such fun to see the projects you’re working on.

It was on on Etsy… I think. So a quick look up yielded this

but it was still a different one :slight_smile:

Anyway, that’s the idea. I think that the lining was black to add the realistic mouth effect but maybe it happened in my head :slight_smile:

Keep us updated :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! It’s funny, I was just telling Jan that a brimmed hat was about the only thing that looked good on me. I might give it a try :slight_smile:

And I was telling her I’m not a big fan of anything that flattens my hair! Not a big need here in southern CA so I’m good.

Beautiful, Olha!

Oh Olha, those are stunning works of art to me! How lovely a knitter you are, so even. Lucky people who get your knitted gifts. Will you ever model one of your lovely hats for us, so we can get to see you? (or is there a ‘meet the people’ thread somewhere)…

Great work, Olha! Your knitting is so beautiful!

Thank you so much for your kind words.

It seems that many people try to keep their face out of focus here and on Ravelry and it raises my caution level… So far that’s the only ‘presentable’ picture I got :slight_smile: