FO: Alix's Prayer Shawl

This was my first lace project! I had some problems getting started, then I found I pushed too hard by giving myself too short of a time constraint in which to finish the project to gift it to my MIL when she comes to visit, but I did end up finishing it with just a few days to spare! There are a few mistakes, but for my first lace project I’m pretty happy with it. :woot:

Alix’s Prayer Shawl:
Here is the pattern.
Here it is on my Ravelry Project Page if you’re on Ravelry

Yarn: Knit Picks Shimmer in Sunkissed colorway (lace weight 2-ply, 70% alpaca 30% silk)
Time: 6 weeks + 2 days (WHEW!)

I did this one with the yard stick to show the difference before and after blocking.

Here it is with the same yard stick right before blocking:

It’s beautiful! I love that colorway. It’s a very ambitious first lace project, and you did a wonderful job. I’m sure she’ll love it.

Looks beautiful. She will love it.

It’s gorgeous! You did a great job on your first lace project!!

:yay: Great job!! I love the color, very pretty, and she will love it!

very pretty - I am impressed. You give me inspiration to try lace!

Thanks, everyone!

Lace itself wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I mean, really, when I broke it down and thought about it, it was just yarn overs and k2tog. My problem was keeping track. I did find that reading the chart was MUCH easier than the written instructions, for whatever that’s worth.

The hardest part for me was the teeny tiny thread-like yarn. I’m enjoying knitting with some nice, fat yarn right now. lol Oh, besides the tiny yarn, the sheer number of stitches near the end got so tedious. Other than that, lace isn’t much different than any other knitting (at least in my opinion).

Beautiful and I love the color! I don’t have the patience for lace, but it is really pretty!

You did a beautiful job!! She is going to love it!!

Terri, it’s beautiful! She’s going to love it,how could she not?

great job!

Gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!

Oh wow, that’s one beautiful prayer shawl. Great work! :thumbsup:

It’s lovely:heart:! The color is beautiful and i love the shimmery look you get from the silk in the yarn. Blocking does make a huge difference in lace, doesn’t it? I keep telling myself that while seeing something that looks like cat puke on my needles :roflhard:

:yay: Very pretty–lovely color too

So my MIL is here, and I have given her the shawl. She loved it very much, and it felt really good to give to her. It was totally worth all the effort I put into it. Thank you all for all the compliments on it. I feel ready to tackle almost anything now! (maybe that’s a bit cocky lol)

Great job! I love the color!

blocking realy does make a difference doesnt it!

It looks great, i like the geometric nature of the stitch pattern. im glad your MIL liked it :slight_smile:

This is marvelous work! I really love the color, too! Wow! :thumbsup:Thanks for sharing your work with us!!!