FO- Alita Tablecloth

Done in a 3/2 Mercerized Cotton- Willow Green, used Size 6(US) needles and measures 48" in diameter! This was fun to knit! :knitting:

That is beautiful Mary. Great work and such a pretty colour.

Oh Mary, that is so beautiful!!! Great job.

WOW!!! Stunning as always Mary . I love it :slight_smile:

WOW!!! Mary that is so gorgeous!

I love love love it. The color is perfect for my house. LOL

Wow, that is beautiful!!

Mary, you are one of the amazing knitters here! That is one truly beautiful piece of art, and I love the color!

Did it take you very long?

That is so beautiful, I just love it. I will have to get that on my needles very soon.

Your Alita turned out beautiful. I really need to get back to mine.

Oooo ~ very nice!

Absolutely beautiful! Great color and lovely work.

Wow, gorgeous Mary- that is incredible work.

WOW!! that is beautiful!! great work!!

LOL! For mine, too! I love that color anyway! You’re welcome to borrow it at any time! :muah:

:muah: :hug: It took about a week if you just add up the hours, knitting some and the lost hours of pick up and put down. Actually, they don’t take very long when you’re on the smaller part…what takes time is doing the rounds on the outside with all the hundreds of sts on the needle. It takes alot of “stick-to-it-tiveness” and you’d really be surprised at how simple these really are. I really love doing them because you pretty much do only knit sts and using circulars, they’re continuous. You ought to try one of them!

There is alot of stockinette and it can get boring but in the end, well worth any boredom!



Wow! That is just gorgeous! Great job Mary!