FO: Alison's Scarf

:yay: Yay, Laura!!! I can’t wait to see it. It knit up really quickly, btw. Hope you enjoy the process!!!

Hey, I read that you had found instructions. when I was designing A Touch of Whimsy scarf I couldn’t find a tutorial for the ICord cast on with photos, so I made one and put it on my blog, here it is, thought it might be helpful :wink:
Can’t wait to see your scarf!

:inlove: Just beautiful!

Did it soften up after its bath?

Why do you all keep doing this to me? Knitting these wonderful things in these wonderful yarns with these wonderful patterns? As though there were’t already a ton of great things waiting for me to knit them? I bet you think it’s funny, don’t you? Stop making beautiful things, just stop it!

j/k. :teehee: please don’t stop making beautiful things. I love your scarf and have been desiring Karaoke (along with a million other things) for a long time.

Amber – YES!!! It did soften up!! :yay:

Nikki – :aww: So sorry … perhaps we can find some Karaoke for you to tote home tomorrow! Glad you liked it. :wink:

those colors! :inlove:

That stitch pattern looks like a lot of fun! And what a lovely scarf it makes too!

That is gorgeous!! :heart:

wow! very nice!! I have had this pattern on my “to knit” list for awhile now, but after seeing how nicely yours turned out you’ve inspired me to move it up to my “to be knitted next” spot. Great job! It’s beautiful!

That scarf is gorgeous!

Thanks, everyone!!! Nightowl … you’ll enjoy knitting this … it’s pretty quick & the pattern has just enough in it to keep it interesting!! What yarn are you going to use?

That is gorgeous!!

hi Julie -

I’m going to start this soon.

did you follow the pattern exactly - the 8 repeats of the end patterns, and the 9" of the center rib section?

how long is your scarf?

thanks! :heart:

Jodi –

I did follow it exactly … let me go measure it real quick …

It’s about 39" … that’s after blocking.

What yarn are you going to use???

I’m just seeing this now. It’s gorgeous!! :heart:

thanks for measuring, and for replying, Julie! :heart:
I’m considering Karaoke as well.
I think I want it longer than 39", so I might do more pattern repeats.

I love the colors AND the pattern.

Great knit!! :heart:

I was about to comment on how gorgeous the scarf looks, but then I realized I’ve already commented… :rofl:

Goes to show you how beautiful it looks!


Thanks, everyone. It’s so nice to have this revisited! :lol: