FO: Alein Washcloth

sounds so cute~any chance of a picture?

:?? Pattern? Picture?

Um… I tried posting a picture. When I click “edit” I see the photo stuff… (functioning on little to none brain cells today… So um, that may be it. I don’t know what my deal is right now, cuase I am gifted in computer literacy but I seem to have a lot of problems with this site.)

The pattern is here:

It turned out really cute!!! If you see the link here on this forum that says something in the sig line about my photo server not working and a link to all my FOs. There is a picture (or :blush: a few.)

I bet that is cute!


Click the link in my sig to learn how to post photos. Not all sites allow hot linking so others can see it so maybe that’s it?

ahh! thanks for the link-that is cute!