FO Airy Scarf

I made this simple little scarf last night. I couldn’t resist the yarn, so soft and delicate. It is the “Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

OOOhhhhhhhh so soft and pretty !! No wonder you could not resist . This yarn is lovely and the colour is divine. Looks great Sue :slight_smile:

Very pretty! The color is one of my favorites in the pastel range.

What a beautiful scarf, Susan! Love it!!

Lovely scarf, so delicate :heart:

:inlove: ohh very pretty!!

Beautiful! It LOOKS soft! Love the color!

Wow, it’s beautiful! It looks oh, so soft! Gorgeous color, too.

oh it looks so soft! What a dream to be wrapped in

Love it Sue! Very pretty colour too.