FO: Afghan - Finally finished

I started this afghan last February and actually finished the knitting in November. I lost interest for a couple months while I made some hats, mittens and socks. This weekend I finally finished crocheting all the squares together and now it is done. It came out a lot bigger than I expected - it covers our queen sized bed.

The pattern is from the book “Learn to Knit Afghan” by Barbara Walker. I hate to say it, but I used Red Heart acrylic yarn :oops: If only I had known about this website when I started, I would have used a nicer yarn. I learned a lot of different stitches and techniques, but from now on I think I’ll stick to smaller projects. Actually, even a sweater will seem quick to me compared to this. :wink:

Oh WOW!! That is gorgeous!! What perseverence you must have. Don’t worry about using Red Heart on this! It would have cost a fortune for other yarn and it will last forever, anyway. It really is so, so impressive!


I can’t imagine how much work that must have been! It looks great! Those smaller pieces are a great way to learn new stiches and patterns.

WOW!!! That is so beautiful! I’m very impressed. It looks amazing. :thumbsup:

Beautiful, just like a patchwork quilt! thanks for sharing!

You can make a lot of people jelous with that!!!

I am so gonna have to get that book… my aunt wants a blanket for her queen sized bed.

That color scheme would look fab with my decor! I’m holding off doing a similar afghan til I come across the sampler patterns I want (may end up designing my own).


Gorgeous!! That will certainly be the centerpiece of whatever room you use it in!

That is beautiful! Wow!! :inlove: :inlove:

That looks great, so much work must have gone into it, no wonder it took you so long! Well done. :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the compliments. I think seeing the afghan that was given to Amy gave me the incentive to finally get mine finished.

[size=6]WOW! :shock: [/size]


your work is inspiring :cheering: :cheering: im trying to figure out how to knit an afghan/blanket in two color blocks in cellular automata, and all of your geometric patterns remind me of my idea and this spurs me on.

its really really beautiful. :heart:

Amazing. I must try this.

Really beautiful! Thank you for sharing the picture!

Amazing. You are truly patient and talented! That will be a family heirloom for many years, I’ll bet.

Wow, I just started on this after getting the book for Christmas… It seems like you even used similar colors to what I’m using. :smiley:

I’m using Encore 75% acrylic 25% wool, which isn’t much better than Red Heart I suppose, but I can afford it. I might end up using more colors than the book calls for, but I guess that doesn’t matter :wink:

But yours looks great! I’m saving the picture to keep me motivated to finish it. :XX:


that is fabulous! really amazing work. :thumbsup:

Actually this IS a great begginner project. And using Red Heart is good for beginner too. This is great work. .very impressive :cheering:

i am into afghans so i know the work that can go into one…
im on my 6th Rambling Rows afghan ( 5- med size-1 baby)…
is it possible to take a closer shot & some close ups, i would love to see the individual squares