FO: Adorable baby hat

sans model since she’s asleep. It looks adorable on her, though. I just forgot to take pics. The hat is for my 7 month old baby girl. Knit in 100purewool, giotto colorway. I absolutely love this color. I have 2 oz. left that I need to decide what to do with.

Colorway up close


It’s really, really pretty! I love the color!

Soooo cozy!!! :cheering:

It is so pretty!!! Love those colors! I bet it looks adorable on!

Gorgeous! I love the colorway (and 100purewool).


Beautiful!! I love the color and your stitches are so even!! Very cute, even w/o the model

That is adorable :heart: and I love that color!
Maybe with some of that leftover yarn you could make
a flower for the hat :wink:

Excellent. Looks very good.

Very nice.

I think this hat is great…How did you make it so the bottom didn’t roll???

I have tried using a size smaller needle at the bottom but it still ends up rolling a bit…yours looks great!

beautiful! Would love to see the baby in it!

Thats such a beautiful hat :muah: It looks SOOOO soft and the colors are great. Good job!

what a beauty!! great job! I bet it looks great on her! :heart:

Color tension, shape

All lovely


That hat is gorgeous, your little one is lucky her mom is such a great knitter. What pattern did you use?