FO!- Adamas Shawl

I knit an Adamas Shawl using BMFA STR lightweight in the Korppi colorway. It took just barely under a month. The pattern was simple and straightforward, and yet still busy enough to hold my attention and keep me interested in knitting it. I used fingering weight yarn instead of lace weight (I wanted a heavier shawl) and larger needles. this thing is BIG and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! This morning let the shawl soak for a while, and then pinned it out. It took 6 hours to dry. I’m surprised at that, because my last lace weight shawl took twice as long to dry…lol The only downside of this project, is that I can’t get an accurate picture of the colors in this yarn. It’s one of the BMFA Ravens (korppi), and it has the most beautiful shades of purple and green in it.

It’s beautiful


WOW that is so intricate I LOVE IT!!! great work!!

That is stunning.

Marvelous job. You should be very proud of this shawl. Keep up the great work!!!


I’m in :heart: , congratulations on knitting such an exquisite piece of art!

That is simply beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!

Wow, that is gorgeous!

Breathtaking x

:inlove: very pretty!!

That’s just gorgeous :heart:

Very amazing!!!

That is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Please tell how many skeins you had to use in the finger-weight. I’ve been thinking of using the Raven series in lace-weight for the adapted MS3 shawl -The Wings Of A Dream.


Phaedra- It took 3 skeins of the STR lightweight, but it barely used any from the 3rd skein, I only needed the 3rd one for 1/2 of the last row and binding off. I still have enough left from the 3rd skein to knit myself a pair of socks :slight_smile:

Lovely, delicate and airy looking.


Your work is always breathtaking. That shawl is simply…


[B]BEAUTIFUL.[/B] What else can I say!? :thumbsup:

omg! that is really pretty! it looks like a knitted spiderweb! lol