FO - Aaarrgh!

Wynnie posted this pattern in her blog, and since my grandson wants to be a pirate this year, I gave it a shot. I used WOTA, one strand of black and one of brown, and reduced the pattern by 20%. I tried the pattern directions of wetting and throwing it in the dryer. I ended up wetting it 3 times, the last time in hot water, and running it through the dryer. It took longer than washing machine felting, but it was a lot easier to check.

I usually post FO’s in my blog, but with Halloween coming, I thought I’d share how fast and easy this pattern was.

well… maybe he can be peter pan or somehing… :shrug:

WTG Ingrid! its still great!

He is a good pirate me heartie!


Wow that is so so fantastic.

‘I see a ship!!!’ oh no that was last week right? :oops:

Well done he looks so pleased with it.

:muah: Sharon

That’s really cool! I have a junior pirate as well – I may have to knit that one!

Oh wow! I keep a big costume bin that my son and grandson use (they are closer in age than any of my kids are LOL) and they would LOVE this!

Mama Bear

That’s just cute!

Ahoy, I spy a wee cute one!

Thanks! I reshaped it a bit to make it more ‘pirate like’, but between the costume, eyepatch, earring, bad teeth and sword, I think people will know what he’s supposed to be. :teehee:


And I’ll wager the wee tyke just loves growling “Aaaarrrrr!” to be sure! How 'bout a knitted Parrot for the shoulder?

that would be a great idea … BTW love the hat it looks great!! :cheering:

Oh Yes a Knitted Parrot I want one. Anyone have a pattern??
He needs a parrot.


:hug: Sharon

My sister sent him a stuffed parrot for his shoulder–great minds think alike!

Oh thats great :cheering: but no knitting pattern :waah: I wanted to knit a parrot oh aye and a bottle of rum :teehee:

Sorry this pirate thing is kinda hard to let go! Its the medication I tell you :oops:

:muah: Sharon

Ingy, that is ADORABLE!!!

And, I wish you would post your FOs out here for all to see!!
LOL, I know everyone can see your blog, but I meant in the FO thread :wink:

I Found him a parrot to sit on his little shoulder!!!


:muah: Sharon

ayyyeeee…the pirate life for me!! Beautiful and what a CUTIE pie!
Make sure you post the completely ensemble!

What a cute pirate! I love the hat, too!

Yeah, me too. I consciously avoid the blog area because I already spend too much time at KH as it is. I tried visiting a couple of times, but there is just way too much in there, it’s overwhelming. I would never catch up, much less keep up! Anyway, I like your hat. When I first saw your subject line, I thought the “aarrgh” referred to frustration (Ingrid having trouble? Not possible!), but now I see it’s just a pirate expression. :rofl: