FO A Yellow Washcloth

I just finished this last night. It’s a round washcloth, but I decided to use it for a different purpose. I’m very please with the look.

Great idea! :thumbsup:

What a cool idea!

Yes, the plant looks very happy with its new adornment! :wink:

Very cool idea…man, your plant looks so healthy! I wish mine looked that good.

Thank you so much for the compliments. Before I learned to knit, they had crocheted granny squares under them. Most people would have crocheted a doily, and I love doilies, but I HATE to work with that thin crochet thread. The granny squares served the purpose of protecting the furniture, but they weren’t all that pretty. When I saw this pattern for a round washcloth, it just seemed like the perfect solution. I’m making a purple one for another plant.

I’m so glad you all like it.

your plant looks so healthy! I wish mine looked that good.

Thank you, gemmesanity (love your username, BTW). I really love plants, and ivies are easy to care for, and pretty forgiving. As long as they have water, they seem to flourish.

I’ll post another pic as soon as I get my purple one finished.


Very good idea!


A round washcloth also makes a wonderful rug for a dollhouse. :happydance:

Thank you for all the compliments. It really helps to cheer eachother on, doesn’t it?

Here’s the finished purple cloth…

jdee, would you share the pattern for the purple one? I think it will make a great dollhouse rug for my GD. :cheering:

I sure will. I’ll get my husband to take the leaflet to work tomorrow, scan it, and email it to me. Then I will email it to you. It sure will make a pretty rug for your GD’s dollhouse.

Gorgeous work. I really like the detail in the purple one.

I’d frame that puppy with a black backing. :happydance:

Thanks a bunch! :muah:


My husband took the pattern to work, but the scanner’s not working, so he sent the pattern home with a coworker. She’s supposed to scan it and email it to us, but so far, she hasn’t. I’m sorry it’s taking so long.


Just gorgeous. I wanna the pattern as well. They make wonderful placemats for your plants. You did a great job.

[size=6]Jdee…I love purple…you’re probably going to laugh at me, but I don’t even know how to knit…LOL! But I would love your pattern! However, I am taking a knitting class in October and I want to be able to knit this…it’s so pretty…love the color!
Merry :happydance: [/size]

What a great idea and I especially :heart: :heart: :heart: the purple one!

Very nice! :cheering:

Looks great under the plant! The details of the purple one are lovely.

Mama Bear