FO: A Woobie Bear

This is my sixth woobie, the bear. They are so much fun to knit that I am not sure that I can stop now!

Well, this one is certainly a cutie! And when the end results are as fabulous as yours are, why stop? :slight_smile:

Awww, he is so cute. I wish I had a little one to give one to. You did a great job.

The bear is adorable. This will be someone’s very favorite. Really well done!

You’re a Woobie knitting machine! :lol: He is precious! I can’t wait to make another!


My DGC’s are ages 1 - 9 (six DGC’s!) and they will all love their woobie. Four little girls and two little boys, and the little boys still sleep with lovies (or woobies, I guess), as the little girls do, too. These will be surprises for Christmas.


Well, I may do another bear, and keep my least favorite one (one of the kitties) here at my house – to go along with the lamb lovie that I did not like as well as the woobies – for any DGC to use.

Oh, I love the bear, too! I can’t decide which is my favorite! Anyway, all of yours are adorable. :thumbsup:


Your puppy will be adorable!

How utterly adorable! :inlove:

Great work! I think this is my fav!

I wish I’d knit one of these for Baby Scarlett! Well, another baby will come along in 2013 for sure!

[SIZE=“3”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]So, so cute! Great job![/FONT][/SIZE]