FO: A Vest for Arwen er... Missy

FINALLY!!! I have finished this vest I have been working on for my daughter - it’s all sewed up and got a button on it and ready for her to wear to school tomorrow. :hug:

The pattern is A Cardigan for Arwen by Kate Gilbert. I used Tatamy Tweed Worsted yarn in pumpkin.

Oh I like! Pretty, pretty! :inlove:

Ooh, very lovely!

I love the hood and the cabling detail in front. Very unique and very nicely knitted.

I bet your daughter loves it! :cheering:

Oh I’ve always LOVED this pattern! I was going to knit this one, too, in the baby size! But I got scared off by the cables meeting in the center of the hood (at the top)! I see your seam is perfect! You were able to align the cables on each side of the seamline in a very nice configuration! Great work! Love the color, too!!!

It turned out fabulous!!! Great job!

Oooo, I love this. :muah: It does have a Robin Hood feeling about it. A very cool vest for your daughter to wear to school. I love the color you chose and the work looks great. :cheering:

Its lovely n am sure ur daughter wud adore it

Very pretty color the knitting, esp the cable work is wonderful! I am sure your daughter’s friends will all be jealous!

BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job.

That has been in my que for a long time!! SOMEDAY!

It’s absolutely beautiful and I love the color. I bet she loved it.

Thanks everyone. She does love it and it looks great on her. The construction/knitting of Arwen is sooo different that I had to rewrite the pattern to make this. It was fun and I loved knitting it.