FO: A Touch of Whimsey Scarf

I made this as a Christmas gift for my mil. The pattern is surprisingly easy – a very quick knit. The yarn is Merinos Otto Shadow in Dusky Rose. Here’s the pattern:

just lovely!! :slight_smile:

It’s gorgeous! Now I have yet another project to add to my list…thanks…

That is beautiful!

:inlove: Gorgeous! I seem to be making a collection of great scarf patterns - must add this one to my list. You’ve done a great job!

:inlove: OMGosh that’s so pretty–both the pattern and the color:heart::heart:. MIL is a lucky lady to be getting that!

Slim, Beautiful!!! Love the yarn choice and your work is lovely! :cheering:
I also printed this pattern off recently and now I know I’ll be knitting it too!! Thanks for sharing.

The scarf is O-SO-BEAUTIFUL!!!:heart:
Your mother in law will be pleased to have it.:cheering:


That scarf is beautiful :cheering:

Ooooooooh Ahhhhhh! This is a very beautiful scarf! WOW!
Thanks for sharing your knitted artwork with us! :muah:

It’s beautiful, and such a lovely colour.

Wow! It’s just simply beautiful! The yarn really highlights the pattern and your work is wonderful. What a great present for you MIL. I just bookmarked that as yet another possibility for a Christmas gift, thanks!

That’s from one of our own infamous KHers Becka! She has some great patterns doesn’t she. The scarf looks beautiful!


Beautiful! I’ll have to add that to my list of things to knit!


I love this pattern – thanks, Becka, for making it available!

:happydance:That looks wonderful… Great job…

Hi Slim,

I am going :eyes: with this I-cord cast on…and, can you believe it the 3 stitch edges going up the side of the scarf!?

I looked and looked around on her website, and never did find any info about her I-cord cast on.

Also, I don’t get that 3 st edging. Some of the rows just end with a slip stitch. Huh?

Well, any help you can toss my way will be greatly appreciated.

I gave up on the I-cord cast on and did a normal cast on with 5 rows seed bottom border…and then added a 5 st seed edging on each side of the 24 st repeat. I have 12 rows done.

It is nice, however, I really like the original version (your version) better.

Sigh. :pout: