FO: A smaller twisted tree pullover

This looks almost like the last one, but it is quite a bit smaller. I also changed a few things in the stitches used and the borders. It is basically a new pattern to get it to work but a take off of Sarah Pope’s Twisted Tree Pullover. I didn’t do anything to block before taking the picture and decided so far to just wash and machine dry it.

That is sooooooo cute. You translated it well to a smaller size.

It really does look adorable and the seed stitch is perfect in the panels. What age child is this one for?

That’s really beautiful and such a pretty color!

Wow! Super job on this lovely little sweater. Your attempt to resize it came out perfect and the changes look great, too.

I like this one too, and seed stitch is one of my favourite ones. Resizing can be as time consuming as designing from scratch, especially with this motif+shaping combination. Well done!

That is just adorable!

Thanks everyone! I haven’t been online all day so I’m just seeing these comments.

I’m thinking it will fit a 6-9 month old. It only measures about 17" around, but my first one measured only 20". The gauge was right and it was supposed to be 25" after blocking, but my yarn was not wool and I didn’t block it as hard. This little one I wanted to avoid blocking because although I wouldn’t say I killed the yarn, it is definitely softer. It will stretch quite a bit beyond its 17".

I like seed st too and I was hoping it wouldn’t need blocking as much as the St st right against the Rev St st, and I think it worked.

I made this sweater 18 sts smaller than the smallest one in Sarah’s pattern

That is really beautiful, love the color too.

Very very cute! :yay:

Great work, Judy! I like this one even more!