FO: A Ribbed Hat :]

Hey all, this is my first post and my first piece of knitting that wasn’t a swatch.

I’m 18 and just started knitting, and this hat is a pattern from the book Stitch 'n Bitch, which combined with this site, is where I learned to knit. I chose my own color design for this piece, the original uses too many reds and yellows for my taste. :wink:

[Yes, that’s me and yes, that’s my hat. :)]

Nice work on the hat! Welcome to KH, and welcome to knitting.

Thank you so much, I absolutely this knitting world I’ve gotten myself into, as well as this site!

Welcome to KH! Nice job on the hat. That`s a great job for a first FO. Congrats and keep up the good work!

Yeah, another guy knitter on KH! :thumbsup:

Your hat looks wonderful!!

Nice work, I love the colors!

Looks great.

Ok…what is up with guy knitters! Y’all knit such amazing things so quickly!


Oh, btw, I like the hat, in case you couldn’t tell. :thumbsup:

P.S. Welcome to KH!

Quickly? This thing took me 6 hours! :wall:

Thank you though, I appreciate the compliment, and the splash of southern drawl. :slight_smile:

:yay: Look’s great nice colors!!

good job!:thumbsup: & WELCOME!!!.

So you’re saying your [I]first[/I] knitting project included knitting in the round and color changes??!! :notworthy:

I’ve been knitting for over a year and I [I]just[/I] completed my first hats and color changes. I’m in awe!!

That looks great!! You did a really good job on it- 6 hours? Well, for your first actual FO, it could be worse, LOL- and you will get faster quickly.

I like the colors you chose better than reds and yellows too.

Welcome to KH!

What a fantastic FIRST FO!!! I sure wish I had been able to grasp the whole concept that quickly! I made scarves and dishcloths for a year!! LOL Great job! and welcome!

Well, I’ve been practicing and learning all the knitting techniques with swatches first: stockinette, ribbing, color changing, cables, etc…

And to let you in on a secret, it’s not knit in the round. It’s knit flat and then sewn together with a mattress stitch - it was a great first hat pattern for me. :slight_smile:

the hat is brilliant, colours are just great. and what a brilliant first project, and yep you did knit it very quickly.


:happydance: looks great!

Good job! I see great pieces of knitting from you in the future.

What’s next?

Looks great! The first hat I knit was too big for the recipient–a toddler, but yours looks like a perfect fit.

Hey there brother-knitter! :waving:

[B]Great work! [/B] Thanks for posting your work for us!!

[I][B]Adorable![/B][/I] Oh, and the hat is, too!