FO: a mitten!

I know this is silly, but I have finished a mitten for my son! I have been knitting for only a few months, but this is the first pattern I have used and the first thing besides a straight stockinette stitch scarf! It is not perfect, but it is done! I am so pleased and motivated!

Congrats on your first pattern FO. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling making something nice for someone you love? By the way, I love that colour yarn.

Very nice job! It looks nice and warm!

Good job…isn’t it FUN to try something new?! Keep up the great work… :heart:

Woohoo!!:woohoo: Way to go!! It looks fabulous - I’m sure your son will love it!

great job!!!

Whoo whoo! good going! Your son will be a happy as you are to get his mittens, I’m sure!

[CENTER]I LOVE that color!
[B]GREAT WORK! :thumbsup: [/B]
Congratulations on your first mitten and here’s to many more knits to come![/CENTER]

I think it looks [B]great[/B]. You should be very proud! I love doing mittens. I’m doing my second pair now. They’re fun to do and sooooo necessary!!! I think I might end up knitting myself 12 dozen pairs! :wink:

that looks [B][COLOR=“Red”]great[/COLOR][/B]!!! that looks nice and warm! your son is luck-y!

BTW, i love that color and congrats on making your first mitten! i havent even tried that! it can only get better from here on!

:woot: It looks wonderful!!


Great first mitten!

Great job! :thumbsup: