FO: A Little Something Sage (new pics w/model p.3)

I made this with Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in a soft, sagey green. It’s for my daughter-in-law’s b’day in September, but I may break down and give it to her early. Hope it fits! The pattern is Something Red with obvious modifications.

:inlove: :inlove: Pretty!

Very pretty! I’m off to check the pattern!

That’s beautiful!

I love it!! Great job

nice. I like the color and it is sure to be adorable on her

That is so pretty. Are you an advanced knitter? I would love to try that but, the hardest thing I have done is socks.

Really pretty, and I love the sage green.

May I ask what size you made? My DIL, a size ten, thinks she’s too fat for garments like that.

Really nice!


I have to tell you I got a chuckle from your question. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an advanced knitter! This pattern is really pretty easy. If you can pick up stitches and work yarnovers and M1 increases, you can do this. Socks are definitely harder.

I made somewhere between the 32 and 34 for my dil, who is tiny – a size 6. A size 10 sounds just right to me. I’m sure it would look cute on her.

Ooo, I love it! :heart:

Very cute!

Save it for the BD, it’s great!

Wow Slim that is beautiful! :drool:

Nice work. Very pretty::slight_smile:

Thanks, you give me hope but, I don’t know what a M1 is.

Very pretty! Nice job.

Looks great. Love the colour.

It’s a way if increasing the number of stitches on the needle. Here’s a link to Amy’s videos on increases: