FO - a little bear

I made this for the Mother Bear Project, but I don’t know if they’ll accept it yet. They only accept their pattern and I created this pattern in the round because I hate seaming. If they don’t that’s okay. He’s still cute. :wink:

he is very cute :slight_smile:

My Aunt gave my son the most adorable little bear like that for a gift when he was born. She even knitted him a Fair Isle Sweater to go with him.

Those are on my list of one day I will have knitted …

Awww, so cute Jan!! I hope they accept it. :hug:

It looks like the other bears to me so I don’t know why they would refuse it. Besides, I would hope that a handknitted bear given from the heart is not something a charity organization should refuse for their “stores.”


That’s what I’m hoping, Nonny. I need to make another to tweak the pattern if necessary so I can show them what I did.

That is so cute!!!

It’s cute! Just think of the happiness you’ll bring to the child who gets that bear! :muah:

Cute! I’m all for anything that requires less seaming. :teehee:

That is adorable!!!Any kid would LOVE to have it.Hope they appreciate it and take it.Nice work Jan :woohoo:

I love your bear, and would love to put this next on my to-knit list!