FO: A couple of dishcloths

On the advice of some friends I finally tried out dishcloths & am now totally hooked. Here are my 2 most recent ones:

I used Lily Sugar N Cream in hot purple

I used Peaches & Cream in Gumdrop

I love the bunny one, so cute! The other is a nice colorful one! I have a bunch made that look like that. :wink:

Did you put the pics in? I tried 3 times to put them in with no luck. How’d you do it?

Guilty as charged. :teehee: You had the right url for the photo so you know how to do that right? If not and it was just luck this time let me know and I can guide you through that. Once you have the photo url you click the little square icon that has mountains in it - - then paste in the url you already copied from Flikr. :thumbsup:

Love them . What a lovely colout the purple on is :slight_smile:

They turned out great!!! Addicted now aren’t you? LOL

:yay: they look great!

Don’t you just LOVE dishcloths? Yours look great. I actually tried to make that bunny one last year in the same colour and some how I made a mistake and half of the right ear is about one stitch too far over! I thought it was the pattern- guess it was me!

Absolutely since they are about as close as you can get to instant gratification! :teehee:

Those look great! I recently made some washcloths for my Mom and used that same purple color :slight_smile:

Hey! Nice work! :wink: (bye bye stash…)


Great job, Rabbit! You’re gonna be addicted to dishcloths!!! They’re such easy knits!

and i, her mom, lovelovelove them! linknit41

Great work! :thumbsup: Dishcloths are so much fun to knit!!!

Cute and functional–great combo!

Rabbit, will have to try this pattern out …your was so cute.

Nice dishcloths. They are great small projects, you can try out new things without taking forever to have a FO, and you have a nice practical result.

Very very nice! :cheering: I need to make some more dishcloths!