FO - A bookmark... I guess

Brand new knitter here, so far really enjoying the hobby. Bought a kit that turned out to be not so beginner friendly so I used the yarn to practice. 8 hours in and my head was spinning but I finally created… something. My wife is using it as a book mark. I’m proud of it as I am generally someone who picks up on things pretty quickly. Not to say that I master them but I can typically get a handle on new hobbies. This one was a challenge and that was great.

CO 10 sts, 10ish :man_shrugging: rows knit stitch.

Next project is a scarf


Good for you for sticking with it! I love that this is useful to your wife. That should help keep you encouraged. Do you have something more ambitious than a garter stitch scarf in mind? Tip: Don’t do all stockinette and expect it to lie flat, it won’t. That’s the nature of stockinette which is knit a row, purl a row, knit a row, purl a row and so on.

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The yarn I bought has a pattern on it. It’s not row by row K and P. They’re intermingled throughout the pattern.

Scarf pattern:

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I love that your wife is using your creation as a bookmark. The effort and success of a challenge adds a special something knotted into the knits.

What I like about knitting is the flexibility of challenge. You can pick a pattern with just the right amount of challenge to keep it interesting and stimulating.

I’m sure your scarf will go brilliantly. We’re here to cheer you on or answer questions about any tricky bits so don’t hesitate to ask for help.


Creating something and having it appreciated is a joy! The process is so much fun! My first project was a funfur knit scarf. The yarn hid my mistakes. I was hooked.
Happy knitting!


I’m going to insert my two cents worth​:slightly_smiling_face:. I think that as a second project you should knit a dishcloth so that you can learn a new stitch or two and have a finished project in far less time. Starting with a scarf is certainly fine but it will take a very long time to finish and you’ll probably get tired of the pattern after a while. I still knit dishcloths when I want/need to knit something quick; plus, they really last a good long time and are cheap to make!:grinning: