Fo - 9 pairs fiber trends clogs for xmas gifts

here they are. i hope i can figure out how to attach the pics. i made all 9 of these in december for xmas gifts. it was my first attempt at clogs. the knitting was ok, but the felting was very difficult. i still can’t figure out how to get the wrinkles out of them all the way. i’ll keep trying, but let me know what you guys all think. thx please let me know if you can see the pics - it’s my first time trying to attach anything.

Those look terrific!:cheering:
Your friends/family are going to have cozy feet!

Nine pairs!!! You must be SICK of this pattern! :teehee:

They are all lovely. Perhaps the wrinkles will go away once the recipients start wearing them?

yes - very tired of it. i did not even make the one’s i was planning for me. and, the best pair i can’t get the pic small enough - of course there were no wrinkles in those.

i also did 2 hats, 3 scarves (including the column of leaves one) and 3 blankets (they were the quick knit ones on size 35-50 needles). i even did one of those in one day - wow.

now that xmas is over, i can maybe make something for me - haha.

What a lot of work! They turned out very nice even with a few wrinkles. Maybe as they are used the wrinkles will go away.

Holy smoke, you’ve been BUSY!!! Your clogs turned out wonderful. The colors are great. I hope everyone was thrilled with their gifts. You sure did put in a lot of time and effort!

They look great . !!

Wow! Those are great. I’ll bet they were appreciated.

wow 9 pairs!! I bet you could knit me a pair in your sleep :teehee: …They look wonderful you did a great job and I’m sure they loved them!! :thumbsup:

Sheesh, 9 pairs! Oooooh, I like how you mixed up the colors with the striped toe and the extra . I’ve only made 2 and 3/4 pairs so I dunno about trying to get a stripe of color in there though. After being worn for a bit I’ll bet those wrinkles will relax. Did you stuff them with newspaper or something while they were drying?

I’d be happy to resize the pic for you and send it back so you can post it. I’ll send you a PM with my email address.

Holy cow, those are great!

WOW! I think those are beautyful! good work:inlove: .

WOW! Now THAT is alot of work!!!

Yes - 9 - but i could not post the picture of my favorite red ones (I used the software on this site - pic is too big to shrink - i could only get the cuff or toe. no big deal, but thanks for the offer). I mixed up the colors to keep from getting bored from doing the same pattern over and over. I stuffed them with bags, smaller shoes, and even tried shoe stretchers and still got wrinkles. Hopefully, everyone is correct and as they are worn, the wrinkles will go away. Isn’t it funny how we are soooooo critical of our own work??? lol

Nine pairs! Wow. I love all the colors.

My oh my! 9 pairs? I’m very impressed. I knitted 9 soda can/water bottle cozies for friends as a ‘beginning of school’ gift… in August and here it is in JAN and I haven’t made my own cozie yet. *AND, they are tiny in comparision to felted slippers! So, yeah :yay: for you!

So, I am impressed that you made all of these and it will totally be understandable if you don’t make your own pair for a few months.

You’ve been busy. The colors are great!

You’ve been knitting like crazy, probably… These look wonderful, so warm and snuggly and the colors are so pretty :inlove:

Those are so pretty! I’m sure they were loved!:yay:

:passedout: I am amazed! I think they look great. Now you need to have a clog-giftee reunion group photo with all the recipients wearing them! :mrgreen:
Congrats on all that hard work!