FO: 68000 stitches

the blue/pink/green stripe are red heart heart and sole in spring stripe, the red/tan/brown are Paton’s Kroy in Bronzed berry bliss.

Love the socks :smiley:

Love 'em!!

Very nice! Love the colorways you chose. :slight_smile:

Sixty eight thousand… :zombie: They are gorgeous though!!

Looking good!

Congrats! They both turned out beautiful!! :slight_smile:


Those are beautiful! Tiny stitches add up don’t they?

i use the yarn harlot’s basic sock pattern (actually, i cast on another pair in Deborah Norville’s serentiy color is Thyme at around 8 this morning) and each sock’s approximately 17000 stitches by her calculations :slight_smile:

I’m just hoping that the recipient of the red pair doesn’t have issues with wool (i don’t think she does…) and wears them… I know the recipient of the spring stripe will love them (she ended up with her first pair of handknit socks in september and according to her dh wears them everynight to bed). we’ll see, they’ll get them tomorrow night…

Love your colorful new socks! Nice and tall, too!

WOW!! great colors!