FO:5 yr old's fingerless mitts

I made these with left over yarn from the Prudence beaded mitts I made. I used features from Prudence, like the picot edges, the fake cable (but put them all around instead of alternating with the beaded part), instead of beads I made mini-bobbles. I guessed as to the size to make them but lucked out.

Oh, I just remembered. Instead of doing knitted picot edges, I added them in afterward with crochet. I actually like them better, more even.

:thumbsup: Excellent! The mitts are cute, the 5-yr. old is absolutely adorable. WIN WIN That is an unbeatable combination.

Ok, I don’t know which is cuter, the mitts or the adorable little one. I always wish I had at least one granddaughter to knit for as there are so many cute things, but I love my munchin boys. You did a fabulous job on them too.

How beautiful, little girl and mitts! I’ll bet these are very popular with the 5 year old not the least because they are very cool and very grown up. Wonderful work as ever and a much appreciated gift.

Both the mitts and little girl are adorable!

Those are cute!

What beautiful mitts for a beautiful girl! She looks sooooo pleased!

Kinda frilly, pink, grown-up looking, pink, warm, and pink! What’s not to like? Lovely job on these. You certainly made her day! Does she wear them to bed, too?

Does she wear them to bed, too?
I don’t know, but where she lives it might not be a bad idea. They live in the north woods and heat exclusively with wood. I’m sure they have the fire going all night, but it could cool off a bit.

Thanks for your comments. I tried to make them girly. :slight_smile:

I concur. Mitts are beautiful, child is adorable. Nice work!

Nice work! You can sure tell she loves 'em!

Getting those off to wash could be as hard as washing a favorite blankie! When my DD was 5, she would have not wanted to take them off even for a bath. Score a 10 in all categories.

You carefully slip them off while she’s sleeping, wash, and hope you can get them returned before she wakes up and realizes they’re gone. Of course I would NEVER try this myself, but Benadryl sometimes helps. :twisted:

Super cute!