FO: 3 Hour Beret

This is a great and easy beret. I’ve been dying for one and I’ve made this twice, the first time was too heavy a yarn. It took me just over 3 hours for this one in Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick 'n Quick. In hindsight I would take it off the needle before the author recommends, I got that poochy look in the back, but mostly removed after blocking. I still love it.

BTW, that’s Peanut with me and he’s a rescue from PETFINDER.COM! :wink:

It looks great! I can’t believe you knit that in just three hours. :noway: Fantastic job!

Thanks, it goes pretty quickly on Thick 'n Quick and size 11 needles. :wink:

Nice work!:yay:

Very pretty! Love the color you chose. Thanks for the link.

Peanut is adorable.

I really like the color…and Peanut is a cutie!

Looks great and the colour is wonderful :slight_smile:

Love it! Thanks for the link!

:yay:It looks great!!

Very nice! Love the style, adore the color! :heart:

It looks great and the color is wonderful! And Peanut is so cute!

Thanks, he’s a very naughty boy, but we love him anyway! He was given up to the rescue I worked with at the time, he was our first foster and we ended up adopting him. WWW.PETFINDER.COM is the place to get one! :wink:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]The hat is lovely! :thumbsup: [/COLOR]
[COLOR=“darkorchid”]The puppy, adorable…
p.s. I think Peanut loves your hat too! :teehee:

That’s a nice colour, and you did a great job.

It looks great and such a pretty colour. Peanut is very cute!

Thanks, he’s definitely a hat person…er dog! Here’s a beret that went terribly wrong, but he didn’t mind:

Arielluria, just 3 hours? Wow! Nice job!