FO - 3 hats knit and felted

Two more felted hats. I figured out how to keep the brims rolled should you want that… follow the directions on the pattern. :roll: On this other hat I made I felted in the normal manner of doing it in the washer which caused the rolled brim to unroll. I love the sweet feminine look of this anyway so it’s nice to know how to do it.
Pattern - Toddler Felted Hat

The felted hats were difficult to photograph because they are a denser fabric. These are made with scraps of WOTA. They are a bit flat on top because I didn’t have a good drying thing…I make enough hats I should invest in a wig head. :thinking:

A knitted hat from yarn donated for charity use. You can see Marshmallow giving it a good sniff! :teehee:

Those hats are lovely!! I love the girly one! :cheering:

The pink hat is my favorite! So sweet and cute! Great work on all of them. :cheering:

Jan, I love them, especially the deep pink one you posted… last week? My days are all running together. The unrolled brim was a nice touch!

Where does one buy a wig head? I’d ask my hairdresser if I were seeking one. She ought to be able to pick one up for you at wholesale supply prices.

They are so pretty, Jan. :heart:

SO adorable, Jan! I think a wig head is a great investment!

Pretty, Jan!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Gorgeous work, Jan!! I love them!!

Adorable Jan :happydance: Don’t ya just wish you had little girls to give these to?I give girl stuff away to charity too because only boys in my family. :verysad:

Wow!!! :cheering:

Thank you all! :muah: