FO - 3 eggs - new method

Well sorta… I started out with the same pattern for Easter eggs, but I thought I’d work it a bit because I wasn’t completely happy. Part of that was my inexperience I’m sure, but what the hey. :wink:

The pink and purple ones have plastic eggs inside so they have a nice egg shape. The main thing I did differently was for the decreases I used k2tog on both ends of each needle rather than using SSK. I didn’t like that one for the egg and feel that the k2tog matches better. when I had 8 stitches on each needle I put the egg in large side down to test how close it was to the top. It will be tight. In my case I had to take it out again and do a couple more even rows. When I felt it was about 2 rows from being done I put the egg in and decreased in both of the next rows till I had 4 on each needle. Then I thread the yarn though the top stitches a couple times and finished normally on both ends. Voila! Whatcha think?

BTW… I got plastic eggs at Big Lots… A dozen eggs for 33 cents!!!

They look great! So you finished the knitting with the egg inside?

Thanks! Yes, when it got to the last few rows I worked with the egg inside. It’s a little awkward, but it gives it a nice look I think. :wink:

Now I WISH I had the yarn for the basket and more for the eggs, but the LYS is closed tomorrow. Joanns and Michaels didn’t yield much. :rollseyes: I’m not being a yarn snob either… they just don’t have much wool in Easter colors. :roflhard:

Oh, Jan, they are PERFECT!!! You did such a great job. You should email Marnie (curlypurly) with your pics and the changes you made to the pattern. She’s very interested in seeing people’s eggs and in hearing about changes to the pattern. I did one of my eggs (I’ve done 6 now :shock: ) with K2tog as the only decrease (instead of doing SSKs) and I wasn’t sure what I thought. I’m going to try again now that I see how yours look. Am not sure if I can manage knitting with plastic eggs inside, but I just may give it a try!

WTG! :thumbsup:

These are just too, too cute!! :thumbsup: :cheering:

These are awesome!! what a cute idea!

[size=6][color=indigo]How cute! I saw a felted basket at a LYS. I never thought of putting knitted eggs in it. ADORABLE idea!! I think I may have to go back to the store. :smiley:


Those look awesome! Love them! I have to get crackin’ on those. Ha Ha.

Hey, if you can, be sure to make a little donation to Curly Purly so she can continue to develop her free patterns. It’s just the nice thing to do. :slight_smile: (You can click the button on her site.)

Love these! I may have to try that … if I can find some yarn that’d work. Maybe my baby-color variegated cottons … plots

These look great Jan! How great that you took a pattern and ran with it!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Jan your eggs are cute too! I like that you put a plastic egg inside, what a great idea! :thumbsup:

Love the eggs and the colors!!! :heart: Big Lots is the best too! Hehe. Love it! :thumbsup:

They look perfect! :thumbsup: I will have to try making some!

They eggs look great! I love the idea of the plastic egg inside of them.

Love, love your eggs!! knitting with the egg inside…very impressive :smiley:

Thanks everyone! I’m going to get yarn today for a basket and more eggs!

Those are just the SWEETEST things I’ve seen! Darling!

Yeah, a felted basket would be great for those. I thought you put a real egg in (blown out like on Martha Stewart today) and was wondering how hard it must’ve been not to crack it. :rollseyes:

(I sometimes speed read and missed the word plastic)

Oh my word! :shock: I can’t even imagine the difficulty of trying this with a real egg. :shock: :roflhard: :roflhard: Thanks!

Now if you were Martha Stewart… :rofling: