FO: 2 sticks aran purse

:yay:Finally a fo from me! I had the day off today so I hunkered down to finish this purse, I have about 5 balls left of the rowan big wool, plan on making the same pattern in a scarf to go with the bag for my mom’s bday in sept.

It’s called 2 sticks because you are supposed to put 2 knitting needles in for the handles, but I didn’t like how it looked on mine, so I did 2 icords and pulled those through. Super easy pattern, it’s from “keep it simple”. It’s pretty small, only about 6x8 inches, but enough for cell phone and wallet

That’s very cute! Wouldn’t hold all the crap I have in my purse though! :roflhard:

Aww that looks cute! I think using knitting needles for the handles would be a really cool thing that I may have to do in the future, but I like how you personalized yours and did it the way you wanted for you. Adapting patterns is way cool :thumbsup: Great job!

Thanks! and redheadrachel you have such a cute blog! I love the socks…socks… cute baby socks…:yay:
I think the 2 knitting needle thing would work if I had the right needles, which I dont:pout:

Wow how cool but I would need something about 40 times that big for all the junk I carry!


Love it!
I’m a big purse user myself, but I like to have something smaller like this to carry just my wallet and cell phone into a store when I don’t want to haul a huge one around.

Very pretty! I love the way the cables turned out, and the innovative way you made your handle. Mom’s going to love it.

What a cute little bag! I really like the cables!

That is very cute. Hmm, I wonder how the two needle sticks would look like as handles?

That’s the cutest little bag!

That’s so pretty! You did a FANTASTIC job!! :cheering:

Where did you get the pattern?