FO 2 pics - Golden Compass inspired winter bonnet

I had picked up this yarn at a thrift store months ago, no idea what it is, looks like heavy worsted weight. I used 3 fist-sized balls of it, holding all 3 together as I knit.

I modified this pattern by: cast on 35 (my hope was the odd number would help add to the point at the back) knit for 21 rows did 3 needle bo on RIGHT side, which gave it a line down center back, and a bigger point in back too.

What a cutie and the hat looks nice too.

It looks great ! And the model looks so lovely and warm in it too,:slight_smile:

How cute!

aww what a cutie!! Very cuteā€¦great job :thumbsup:

Very cute!

That is so cute (and of course your DD is even MORE adorable :o) ). Now I want one for me :smiley: and my DD! Thanks for posting this!

That is really cute!

Love the bonnet!