FO: 2 first's and pictures of finished sets!

hiyo! :waving:

this hat and glove were my very first of each

the hat knit maybe 2 months ago with no pattern or idea of how much and where to decrease. just for fun and practice.

kid sized, but better for a babydoll which is what it will probably go to.

the glove i made in the middle of august using a lions brand pattern that i must not have gotten because it turned out like this…

the thumb just did not work and it was pointed. :doh:

thankfully i found 2 patterns that worked out better for me and i wll be posting the finished hat and glove sets as soon as i finish the last glove!

thanks for looking!

Very bright and cheerful! Good job!

Too cute!

I used to do mittens like that It gets better the more you do.
Cute hat

Very cute and love the colors…I’m glad you found another pattern that worked out for you…can’t wait to see the photos :happydance:

That’s very daring of you to make your first hat without a pattern! You did a good job – it’s very cute. Pretty colors on the mitten.

I just love hats… hats are one of my most favorite things to do :smiley:

Good job on both the hat and the mittens… I’ve yet to brave doing some mittens…

Thanks for sharing your ‘firsts’. It’s great that you made an effort to make something without a pattern early on. You learn so much that way. Keep it up!! You may have a few projects that don’t turn out like you intended, but you will soon be making things that will really please you and give you so much fun in the creating. Even things that are not what you expected can be very gratifying.

Your mitten made me smile. I don’t mean I’m laughing at you in any way. We’ve all made things that didn’t turn out just like the picture. I have been knitting for 40 years but I still don’t get everything about knitting. Some of it is so mysterious. I still make things that don’t look like I was expecting, but it means I’m trying and learning. That mitten has a lot of charm and character. The problem may be making one to match. :lol: It looks very elfish.

Good work and keep sharing what you do.

Love them! So cute and colorful.

Without a pattern?
I’d barely venture to knit a square without a pattern!

Great work!

thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

that was just fine if you were! i was laughing at that thing the whole time i was weaving in the ends. :slight_smile:

i actually ended up taking it apart to use the varigated section because i ran out of yarn for the 3rd mitten, which was the second of the set.

and since i really don’t know when i’ll be getting to the last pair of mittens here are the 2 finished and 1 almost done sets!

thanks for looking!

Those sets are so cheerful and cute, I love them! Are they child-sized or adult-sized? They look awesome and fun to wear. :aww:

ohh you just gave me an idea…I have been wondering what should I do for our 10 yr old nephew and 7 yr old neices for Christmas… I might make them mitten/scarf set with a book…

They look wonderful :happydance:

Nice! I like all the color changes you have on the first mitten set. I’m glad you didn’t change that part. Everything is looking really good.

My first pair of mittens came out like spades my daughter still remonds me of them to this date!!!