FO - 1UP Mushroom beanie

G’day all. It took a bit longer than I had hoped (as I’m still quite slow at knitting) but I finished it before my deadline of tonight, so yay! I still have some cleaning up to do on the eyes and tying the strands from the spots, but otherwise it’s good.

I do think I should have ribbed at least the first couple rows to avoid the curling, but I don’t really mind :mrgreen:

Hehe, my 8 year old son would love it, very fun!

So very cute! It came out looking great. :thumbsup:

I always have those stray strands when I do intarsia spots. How can I get rid of them? Am I leaving too much slack when doubling back? I know if I were simply knitting flat I would pick up the color on the next row, but how do I do it when knitting in the round, without trailing the color all the way around the piece?

Cute Octo. I think maybe when you pick up the new color from underneath when you do the color changes that you should snug things up a bit more. Don’t pull on things so much that they pucker (or you’ll have another problem), but take all the slack out of things. You’ll get better with a bit of practice. You are always learning new things, and that is great.

:happydance: Great job!