FO: 1st Vest

I’ve been knitting about 2 years and have mostly made socks. I knitted this vest for my husband for Christmas this year. Now I’m ready to tackle my first sweater. The vest was done on circular needles from the bottom up, so I want try a sweater that way now.

Great job!

Wow! That looks great! :inlove:
Where did you get the pattern?

The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple. I used Cascade 220 Wool in a heather green.

Very nice, looks great! :flirt:

You did a great job!! Congrats, it looks wonderful!

That looks so beautiful! I made a vest as my first project in almost the same color, but mine turned out way too big, lol. Yours looks perfect. Great job!

Wow, that looks great! It’s exactly what I’ve been meaning to knit for my husband. I love the color, and the fit is perfect. Nice work!

Very nice! I love vests!

:thumbsup: it looks great!!

Looks like a great fit! I can’t wait to see your sweater.

Your husband, what we can see of him, and the vest both look very nice! :slight_smile:

Nice job! The yarn is so pretty!

Wonderful! Your stitch gauge is so nice and even! Thanks for sharing your work with us! :thumbsup:

Very nice, and it looks like it fits perfectly!

Wow! All my husband got was a hat/scarf set! LOL On the other hand, the hat looks great on him…

Your vest looks nice. Well done.