FO - 1st raglan cardigan! ::mrgreen::

I am posting this as I have much help from everyone deciphering the pattern when I was stuck, a big thank you to all! :muah:

This is my 1st ever cardigan (I have never knitted anything that big before).

I used Rowan ribbon twist yarn for this and the pattern is called Honey from the ribbon twist collection.

I wore it yesterday and it felt so so nice and snuggly warm. However I would like to add some buttons, not too sure if it is too late??anyone?

[COLOR=blue]I Love It! Great job! [/COLOR]

It is beautiful! I love the collar.

You could pick up the stitches on the front edges and knit a button band on one side and corresponding buttonholes on the other side. Use a stitch that will lie flat.


:drool: Oh, that’s so pretty! :thumbsup: Great job. Love the colorway. As to buttons, I can’t help there. I still haven’t gotten brave enough to try a sweater. :verysad:

That is just beautiful!!! Great job!

beautiful … you did a great job!

You could do something really simple that would look great with that style of sweater: Add loops and wood toggles. It would look amazing.


loops and toggles would be great or you could get a couple of frog clasps

Wow I love it. In fact now I want one. Another thing on my list now. Thanks for posting it. You did great work.

great job!!

Great job on it, it’s beautiful!:thumbsup:

Mockle, that is BEAUTIFUL! Very well done! I’m envious. I will FOREVER be working on my first cardigan (and it isn’t even for me). I really like the pattern you used.

Again, lovely work!:yay:

I love it! It looks so soft and warm!:cheering:

Oh that is NICE!

Maybe you could add a few big buttons and somehow use the opening in between stitches for the button holes?

I’ve never knitted anything that big either, so please dont take my advice too serious.

But it is really pretty,:thumbsup:

I agree with the others and think that the loops with wood toggle buttons would look perfect on the sweater. It is just lovely.

:thumbsup:Great job!! I agree with the others too…:teehee:

You did a great job on your first cardigan! The loops and toggles that folks are voting for sound like a good idea. They would go with the look of the sweater.

I really like it. I’ve been looking around for a quick knit. What’s the pattern and how many balls of the yarn did you use?

I just love it. It’s very trendy well done.
I think I would go for chumky wooden toggles.