Check out my 1st pair of sox! The one on the needles is my 1 sock of my 2nd pair! :roflhard:

:thumbsup: Those are great!

Nice work!! What pattern did you use?

Way to go!

i used the sock on 4 dpns:

It is official…You are a bona-fide sock knitter!:thumbsup:


Good for you!!!

I’m still on sock number one myself…got frustrated so am taking a break and practicing something else for a bit until I get sock fever again.


yah, i frogged the 1st sock about 4 times…lol :roflhard:

I was cruising along wondering what all the fuss was about knitting socks…until somewhere I dropped a stitch…then a few rows later, two more stitches mysteriously ended up on my needles…and then I realized I had no idea what picking up stitches meant (since then I’ve figured it out thankfully)…ha ha ha. Wasn’t quite as funny then, but hey, it’s all a learning curve, right? :teehee:

I’m proud of you for finishing your socks. I decided to practice doing some striped knitting since all my other knits have been multicolored yarn or one color…and then I’ll get back to ‘THE SOCK.’


Way to go! Isn’t it fun? Keep up the good work!

Well done, socks are fun to knit.

Well done! Wish I still had my first pair, but they were ‘hijacked’ by a friend.

Rosalie, just one question. When do you ever have time to knit. You posted close to five hundred posts just in part of January, and you must go to school or work . . .
do you eat or just breathe in nutrients from the air around you, lol.

:thumbsup: WTG! The addiction starts here:teehee:

:thumbsup: Great job!!

Great!! Am I right in thinking you now have the sock bug??

thank you all! no i dont eat the air. :roflhard: i have no idea how i did it

:cheering: :yay: :cheering: Great job!!

:waving: welcome to the sock club!!!