FNKC movie in June

[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“5”]The Friday Night Knitting Club (2008)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Mike Binder (adaptation) and
Mike Binder (screenplay)
[SIZE=“6”]Release Date:
6 June 2008 (USA) more[/SIZE]
Drama more
Plot Outline:
A group of women form a bond when they meet at a small knitting shop in New York. Based on the novel “The Friday Night Knitting Club” by Kathleen Jacobs.

:think: I wonder if any of us will pay attention to the dialog when they’re in the yarn shop?

ha ha! No, we’ll all be busy salivating, and evaluating the stock of the yarn shop.
I have the book, FNKC, and will probably read it this week.
Have you read it yet?

Am also reading “the knitting circle”. kind of a sad book, so far. the poor lady has had a death in her family, and everywhere she goes, something reminds her of the dead family member.

Read it. LOVED it. 'Am disappointed about what happens at the end, but it made for a great book. I hope that the movie does it justice!

I doubt I’ll be seeing it. I just read the book a few days ago, and to put it bluntly, thought it was one of the worst things I’ve ever read. It was obviously the author’s first novel, and it could have benefitted from a much better editor. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I also thought that certain things happened in it that were completely unnecessary given the overall tone of the book.

Hopefully the movie handles the story better.

It is true that it is not notable for it’s literary prowess, but overall I found it to be an enjoyable read. It had alot of characters that remind me of ladies in my own knitting club. I connected to it in that way and therefore personalized and enjoyed it. Anyone who enjoys quick, entertainment-only reads will definitely enjoy this.