Flying with crochet hooks

My dh and I are running away next week for a 20th anniversary trip. The kids are taken care of, but I will be lost without my knitting on the plane. I know knitting needles are out on a British Airways flight, but I have hope for a crochet hook. I have a project picked out just in case I can take it on the flight :thinking: Any helpful ideas would be greatly apprecitate :lol:

I thought that knitting neddles were no longer banned :thinking: Maybe that’s just in the US. Check out this site
they may give you some ideas. Crochet hooks should be just fine on any plane.

I had heard rumors about British Airways. Thanks for the link, and I noticed someone said Denise needles made it through.

croghet or knit, plastic was accepted last I knew.

I have a friend who travels with Bamboo needles no problem.

From what I’ve heard, each airport has its own rules; something that passed in Houston might not pass in Philadelphia. Definitely call the airline to see what their official position is. That way, if push comes to shove, you may have some bargaining power.