Flyers Fans! Free chart

Here are some charts I made up for my DH’s Xmas gift, I figured I’d share.
[size=2]Please keep in mind that, although altered, these are still registered logos for a sporting franchise - these are for personal use only. and not to be used for anything you want to sell. Thank you.[/size]

Kewl! That inspires me to make a chart for one of my classes, but then I realize … I wouldn’t be able to wear it to class … :rollseyes:

:?? Why not??

Booo hiss Flyers :roflhard: I’m a Leafs fan!!! drops gloves

Good thing you didn’t try to make this last year with there being no hockey going on.

Edit: I meant to ad “Eh?”

'cause I have to wear a uniform. I guess I could knit a t-shirt to wear underneath the uniform, but that would kinda defeat the purpose… :lol:

Aaaaahhh, a uniform - It’s all clear to me now…
make some socks!!!
Nice white ones w/the logo…
Your feet will be envied!

[size=2][color=red]Pssst - I’m a Wings fan…me & DH are gonna be going at it this hockey season - and not in good :eyebrow: way, either…grrrrr…[/color][/size]

But for the sake of marital harmony, I will make him his Flyer’s stuff, and I solemnly swear not to call them the Fly-girls (unless of course, it’s the playoffs), but he cannot expect any more from me than that.

Um well … socks aren’t a part of the uniform, so can’t wear those either … :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Umm, ek, um :?? what kind of uniform are we talking here??

(I used to be a Wings fan, but I’m a Leafs fan now b/c DH is from Ontario. And if I wanted to be accepted into his family I had to like the Leafs too, so there we are :rofling: It’s bad enough when I cheer for the American teams during the Olympics or Juniors Tournaments)

Considering that Idaho doesn’t have a NHL team, I’ll have to settle for a minor league team, in this case, the Steelheads.

The important thing is that you like hockey!

The important thing is that you like hockey!

No, the important thing is HOCKEY’S BACK!!! YEA!!! GO WINGS!!! :happydance:

(We older folk have such simple pleasures and low expectations.)

Nice chart, tho’. I wouldn’t even think about the winged wheel; Maybe if the logo was a square, I could manage it.

the martial kind … :eyebrow: :devil: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
I think you had us all wondering but afraid to ask if you were a stripper!!!
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
Good for you, great job…snicker snort [size=2]stripper[/size] :rofling:

Yes, I know. I was TOTALLY waiting for someone to ask!!! Well gosh darnit … no one fell for it … :doh: sigh

OK, you had to say something…I have spent most of the morning obsessing over and working on a Wings chart instead of the gazillion other things I have to do :fingerwag: No more hockeytalk!!!

[size=2]DH and I were laughing at ourselves because even though we’re both big football fans, we’re more excited about football season starting mainly because it means that hockey season is starting soon, too!!![/size]

OK, you had to say something…I have spent most of the morning obsessing over and working on a Wings chart instead of the gazillion other things I have to do No more hockeytalk!!!

Aw, sorry. :oops: No more obsessing; on to the important stuff. I do admire your skill at charting, tho’.

No more Hockey talk!!! [size=2]Home opener, Oct 5 vs St. Louis[/size][size=3][/size] :cheering:

GRRRRR… :mad:

[size=2]I know, and when I was on the website looking for graphics I saw thaat they are playing the Lightning in preseason…I hope it’s on ESPN[/size]
:fingerwag: NO MORE! I swear, I’m done

There is[size=7] no [/size]season besides Hockey Season in our house…(ok I’ll sneak in some college b-ball, but only tourny time).

We got NHL Center Ice last season so DH could actually watch the Leafs more than 2x, plus watch the Canadian coverage, which is far superior, sorry to say. I miss Don Cherry. I miss his jackets. I miss his pompous attitude. And I don’t have my satellite anymore either… :crying:

I miss Don Cherry. I miss his jackets. I miss his pompous attitude

We live just North of Detroit and grew up with CBC as a regular channel. I love Hockey Night in Canada. Had to write the network when they threatened not to re-sign Don. I wonder if he’ll be back this year.

My husband is all bent 'cause the Wings are only scheduled to play the Leafs like once this year. He thinks original 6 teams should be played more. The tradition thing is really big here.

What did we do last year??? There was much moaning and gnashing of teeth every Saturday night at 7 p.m. CBC must have played the Godfather series about a zillion times to fill the broadcast time.

Every Detroit home game that is televised they show this sweet old lady in her red and white knitting through the entire game.

Knitters have such good taste (or maybe hockey fans have good taste)!!
And I’ve gotten completely carried away again at the prospect of a season. :lol:

OK, DH is getting a Flyer’s sweater knitted to look like a jersey…this will be my first sweater, and my first attempt at any colorwork besides stripes…I’m a little nervous, but I’m going to Michael’s prolly tomorrow to find yarn (if I go anywhere else I will spend way too much money) and get some new circs…

How “just north of Detroit?” Ferndale? Oak Park?