Fluxus shawl by Natasha Hornby

Hi I have to do a scalloped edge
I have to cast on 7 stitches
And have to work perpendicular to the live stitches of the shawl on each RS with a ssk or sssk
Set up row 1 rs k6 sssk turn
Set up row 2 ws sl1 ssk k to end
How am I supposed to set this up?
Do I cast on a separate needle?
Do I cast on the same needle?
I’m confused please help
Thank you

Welcome to KH. This is confusing at first. I found a video that shows how to do it. If you’re using the same yarn as the shawl and it hasn’t been cut you could use a knitted or cable cast on.

Nice pattern.

Thank you for that utube. It helped a lot!

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You’re welcome. Sometimes seeing makes a huge difference. I was totally baffled by the concept then saw it in a video. It’s pretty easy actually once you know what’s going on.

Lovely shawl pattern.I like the scalloped edge. Does it also have crochet added on the edge or is the little picot detail part of the knitting pattern?

I am also going to do my first applied border but for me I have not chosen the border design yet. I’ve made a provisional cast on for a top and will go back to that edge later to add a border when I have chosen one.
It will be great to see your project if you can share a pic.


Hi I did not see a crochet alternative. However, if you have the provisional. You can add a scalloped edge. If you got on raverly to see the Fluxus pattern you will see the picture . When I am finished I will send you a picture.

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