Fluorescent Yarn?

Anyone know who might make worsted weight (or any weight for that matter) in fluorescent colors?

Do you mean bright, neon-like colors, or do you mean yarn that actually does glow in the dark?

This site has some interesting options

WOW, it sure does, Marnie…that’s rather cool :sunglasses: !

I’m envisioning a glow-in-the-dark creature on a boy’s sweater! I don’t see how to buy any, though. :thinking:

Wow, that is very cool yarn! That’s a great idea, Ingrid! Or you could make a stripe on a hat!

I found this page with suppliers on it.

Huh. Doesn’t prove helpful though. :rollseyes: :??

I saw that too, and it seems just to be manufacturers who use it in other things.

I need a place that says “Click here to add to cart.” :rofling: I found a place in the US, but, again, it looked like a wholesaler.

What about this It’s not colored, but apparently glows.

Whoa…here’s some neon yarn!! :shock:

:cheering: :cheering: Three cheers to your searchine prowess. Three balls are on their way to me! :cheering:

I have absolutely no self control whatsoever. :?

Did you get the neon or the glow-in-the-dark? Or both. :wink: I am seriously thinking of getting some (one or both) for cool hats for my nephews!

YAY, Ingrid…what are u imagining that u will make?! A frog, spider, lizard…something creepy crawly?..a bat?! Oh…so many boy-like possibilities :cheering: :cheering:

I got the glow in the dark. Actually, I clicked on your link for the glow in the dark and ordered on the spot. Never saw the neon. The boys aren’t into neon, though. I don’t think their mother would let them wear it anyway.

Now I have to decide what to make from it. Now I’m glad that I have only boys to knit for! Spiders, lizards, snakes, dragons–endless possibilities!

Rubs hands together, thinking, thinking. . . .

They are SO going to LOVE such a cool sweater :thumbsup:

My three year old likes dinosaurs… I’m envisioning a strand of green crochet thread intertwined with the glow-in-the-dark yarn…

I’m also getting weird flashbacks from that 80s movie that had “Who Made Who” as the theme song {can’t recall the title ATM}… all the semi trucks {all machines really} that went crazy and were killing everyone. There was one truck that was like the boss and it had this weird glowing clown thingy on the front.

OKAY!!! It’s definitely time for bed for me, I’m getting goofier than normal… umm… what’s normal??? {BTW: I work midnight shift, my sleep time is from about 3 pm until 10 pm, so it is past my bedtime!!!}

I think that was a movie from a short story by Stephen King.

That would go over real well–a big scary, glow in the dark scary clown! For a wall hanging. Nobody would ever get any sleep ever again. :rofling:

THANK YOU!!! Maximum Overdrive… that was the title of the movie… now I’ll be able to sleep. OH GEEZ!!! I’ll be trying to fall asleep with images of that danged possessed clown in my head. No telling what kind of sleep deprived dreams I’ll have! :roflhard:

Speaking of Stephen King

Aren’t clowns bad enough as it is!!! Somebody on here has a REALLY bad clown phobia but I can’t remember who…

grumble grumble stupid Steven King grumble grumble

Oh geez Ingrid… I’m so glad I didn’t double check the BB before I went to my couch yesterday! :shock: I would have had nightmares for sure. :oo: As it was, I was forced to watch “The Simpsons” {a show I detest abhoringly} to fall asleep to. :wall: My youngest DD {nearly 2} lost one of the batteries to the remote, :doh: and the channel buttons no longer work on the TV itself. :?? Good news is that the battery was found, and I can sleep during the day today!!! :cheering: Now I just need to stop knitting on this kitchen set that I need for next weekend and drag myself over to the living room! :rollseyes: :XX: