Fluffy Fuzzy Fashion Scarf OK?

I have tons of very nice yarn to use up. Our granddaughter wants me to knit her a purple fashion scarf. All I have in purple is fluffy and fuzzy. Aren’t fashion scarves supposed to be silky and drapey? I have some beautiful yarns with silky textures in other colors. What to do, what to do. :??

Your best bet is to just ask her if thats cool or not. Nothing sucks more than working hard on something and ending up having the person hate it.

Fashion scarves can be fluffy and fuzzy and if she likes the yarn, do it out of that. Simple garter stitch on size 11s or 13s is best.

I think you’re right. She loves to laugh at me when I try to disguise my questions to keep her from figuring out what I’m really asking. It’s a game I play with the whole family. Every year I start probing very early (like now) for what they want hand-knit for Christmas. Then I taunt them by saying they’ll forget by Christmas, which they do. :happydance:

Ooooh, I don’t think I’d knit this so far ahead for christmas, she may change her mind about what she wants by then if she’s a normal teenager.

I agree. Since she was so specific it’s probably best just to ask.

And a fashion scarf? First thing that came to my mind was the fuzzy stuff. So definitely clear that up first with her.

And the winner is . . . SILKY! The drape is more important than the color to her. I found some gorgeous multi-color rayon and cotton blend called “berry” that has some purple in it. The sample knitted up beautifully, so I’m on my way. :happydance:


Good thing you asked her! I was thinking fuzzy too, as I just made one. I did a taper, by starting with one stitch, knit 9 rows, inc another st, k 9 rows etc…until 20 stitches, then dec 1 st, k 9 rows, continue this pattern until down to one stitch again…fast, easy, fun! Here it is:

I think you wear this with the thick part around your neck first, then around the back and cross, bring ends over each shoulder to front. I’d show you on my neck but my 63-year old face is just too wrinkly to do it justice.

Show us what you do!

I LOVE IT! What a fabulous idea. I made a fuzzy boa for an 8-year-old sorta like that a couple of years ago. I used stockinette stitch so it would roll, but I never thought of tapering it. :happydance: